NC Programming with Highest Efficiency - GIBcam Drill

Professional programming with the 3D CAM system GIBcam-DRILL for drilling, gun drilling and milling on feature basis.

It is the latest professional and easy-to-program software. It’s for every part of drilling and milling.  You can do mould inserts, slides or ejector blades. It is for providers and processors likewise.

  • 3D-CAD data import, surface repair and processing
  • Feature-Scan to recognise gun drilled bores and intersected bores.
  • Definition of unmachined part's geometry and adaption of approaching paths
  • Adding of spot faces according to the part shape
  • Documentation for quotations and production planning
  • Programming of complete machining of several sides in one step
  • Individual post-processor adaption of the SAMAG gun drilling and milling centres
  • Technological adjustment and tool data management
  • Feature matches and feature import directly from the CAD data
  • Analysis of intersected bores to apply cross drilling cycles
  • Comparison of CAD working states and tool data management
  • Inspection of tool, chuck and spindle components

GIBcam is THE CAM programming system for for drill processes on CAD data. NC programming creates the fundament. GIBcam helps you increase efficieny and security of your procuction. Be it assisted drilling or manufactoring of a hydraulic assembly. Many customers use it everyday for:

  • Structural timberwork
  • processing of iron blocks
  • plastic injection mould making

The last one may have challenges like many cooling circuits or ejection drillings. With GIBcam you can do it all fairly easy.


GIBcam starts with a fact: product cycles become shorter every day. It helps you to meet the requirements of customers in shorter periods of time. Nevertheless you maintain high quality. GIBcam is suggested especially for:

  • Gun Drilling
  • Complex components
  • Multi-axis indexing
  • Diagonal Drilling


Basic Advantages​

  • Edit CAD data easily​
  • Compare CAD process status
  • Correct automatic measurements
  • Scan features
  • Calculate offers
  • Assess drilling paths

Further advantages

  • Considering of the final drilling outcome
  • Thread milling and tapping
  • Technological matching
  • Adding centring bore and pilot bore
  • Support of the mould features

Technological changes and adjustment apply almost automatically. So you basically won’t have to do anything. But for survey purposes in your best interest there are some remarkable bullet points as follows:


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